COVID was a catastrophe that not only caused loss of life & health but also damaged the livelihood of people. Minister Taimur Khan Jhagra giving a snapshot of how the government handled this crisis professionally along with the technical assistance from SNG.

An important discussion on a pilot by SNG, the Finance Department at the Government of Punjab and TPI (LUMS) that will augment the intelligent use of the PIFRA data to develop budget execution reports, budget reports and help in medium term fiscal frameworks by predicting and forecasting future trends. The session includes Dr Fareed and Dr Sameen from LUMS, Mr Faisal Rashid from SNG and Mr Nauman Yousaf - Additional Secretary at the Government of Punjab.

In order to strengthen institutions and empower citizens at the grassroots, SNG is working closely with District govts in Punjab
In the South District of Multan, the first District Reform Working Group meeting was held with Deputy Commissioner Multan in the chair
The DC stressed on the importance of cash planning and budgeting training for local govt officials and welcomed SNG's interventions in this regard.

Happening now
A training on Medium Term Fiscal Framework for officials of Finance Dept Punjab. Section officers, budget officers and other relevant officials are a part of this training!

Inaction on climate change can have serious consequences. It impacts communities, individuals and economies.
Our ICF fund is looking at funding ideas that can support climate change governance and climate action.
Its a long drawn out struggle and a lot of skepticism on how a serious issue like this can be tackled. Sustained and collaborative efforts will ensure that our future generations are saved from the havoc that climate crisis can cause.

Glimpses from our Pre-Budget Consultative Workshop. Our public sector partners talk about the support that SNG provides and how the partnership is working to ensure 'Better Systems for Better Services'.

Glimpses from our Pre-Budget Consultative Workshop. Our public sector partners talk about the support that SNG provides and how the partnership is working to ensure 'Better Systems for Better Services'.

SNG supported the Govt of Punjab for various social protection initiatives (especially during Covid) to support the most vulnerable- women, children, labourers and the marginalised. Social Protection is an investment in human capital to ensure that people graduate out of poverty to eventually become productive citizens of the world.

Tax Harmonisation in Pakistan- a pressing issue which was deliberated upon by top experts, civil servants, practitioners and academics in a session led by the Sub-National Governance Programme. Collaborations and better coordination can result in practical solutions to the complex tax administration and reform issues in Pakistan.

Why are Public Financial Management Reforms important?

The struggle to improve and the endeavour to constantly evolve is Justajoo. At the Sub-National Governance Programme, we strive everyday to make processes and systems efficient, transparent and accountable.

Chairman Planning and Development Board, Punjab where he talks about governance reforms and how sustainable reforms are essential for systems to run efficiently.

The Sub-National Governance Programme in KP held an orientation for Members of Provicial Assembly on key concepts of Public Financial Management and Budget 2020-21

Sub-National Governance Programme organised a two-day training for the Financial Management staff of the KP Health Department

Understanding Finances and doing more informed debate on its important - Finance Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Speaking at the MPAs' orientation on PFM and Budget, Speaker Provincial Assembly Mushtaq Ahmad Ghani

Policy Interventions for COVID-19

Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa develops a Cash Management Policy and Framework 2020

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SNG Innovation Challenge Fund Explained in One Minute!

SNG Pre-Budget Consultation in KP


RISE Punjab- Responsive Investment for Social Protection and Economic Stimulus

KP Budget 2020

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SNG Talks - Understanding Public Financial Management