SNG supports provincial and local governments in mainstreaming accountability, transparency and inclusiveness in their key planning, budgeting and monitoring processes through increased citizen engagement and participation. Marginalised and vulnerable groups, particularly minorities, women, and persons with disabilities, remain a primary focus of the programme. Key activities under this intervention include:

  • Promoting citizen engagement in provincial and local government planning and budgeting through Pre-Budget Consultations
  • Increasing the focus on marginalised groups, especially women, persons with disabilities and minorities in provincial and local government planning and budgeting
  • Supporting government departments (Planning and Development Board and Agriculture Dept) in making provincial planning processes inclusive and participatory
  • Promoting citizen engagement in improvement of local service delivery
  • Developing Citizen Engagement Guidelines for local government officials and elected representatives
  • Building the capacity of local government officials through trainings on citizen engagement
  • Establishing citizen engagement training at government training institutes
  • Building the capacity of parliamentarians, especially women, in planning and budget-making