Planning and Development

Designed to improve governance and address gap in service delivery, SNG has under taken a number of initiatives which includes the following:

  • Integrated Development Strategy
  • Strategic Development Partnership Framework
  • High Level Dialogues
  • Medium Term Strategy for Economic Growth
  • Tax Survey
  • Annual Development Program Guidelines
  • Need Assessments
  • Performance Management and Reforms Unit: To undertake analysis and reporting of the district and provincial departments on quarterly basis and put forward recommendations to the Chief Secretary (CS), and engage citizens in the decision making process, a dedicated unit has been established at the CS office. Key intervention through the PMRU included the following:
  1. District Performance Management Framework
  2. Provincial Departments Monitoring Framework
  3. Citizens’ Complaint Redressal Mechanism
  4. Reforms Monitoring Framework
  5. E-Citizen initiatives
  6. Food Price Control Mechanism