Learn While You Teach

Grantee: Society for the Advancement of Education (SAHE)


The Learn While You Teach project aimed at improving student learning outcomes by strengthening and improving the delivery of teacher training in the province. The pilot was implemented by SAHE (NGO) in close partnership with the Directorate of Staff Development (DSD), School Education Department, of Punjab. The experiment relied on the use of District Teacher Educators (DTEs) to improve learning in science and mathematics for students of Grade IV. The experiment at a first step identified why children performed poorly on science and mathematics and based on that developed 20 videos for improving teaching quality. DTEs were trained in using new ways of teaching mathematics and science through videos on tablets. The DTEs trained primary school teachers (PSTs) who, in turn, taught differently in their classrooms. The grantee provided mentorship for the PSTs to ensure they apply better ways of delivering
lessons. Performance of target schools was compared with the performance of other school  not covered in the intervention to assess impact. The project established an alternative way of training teachers to improve teaching quality and learning outcomes in primary education. An MoU detailing roles, responsibilities and adoption agreement was signed between SAHEand DSD prior to award of the gran to ensure sustainability.


The experiment was carried out in districts of Hafizabad, Sahiwal and Bahawalnagar benefitting178 District Teachers Trainers (DTEs), 1537 teachers and approximately 16,000 students.


Impact was measured by an RCT. The overall improvement of teacher knowledge was not statistically significant, but there was a 2.7% improvement for the least educated teachers as compared to the untreated group. There was no impact on student learning during the course of the pilot.

Adoption and Scale-up:

The Directorate of Staff Development (DSD) endorsed the scale-up of the intervention and jointly applied for a grant from IIm Ideas 2. DSD based on the learnings and in collaboration with SNG and SAHE made the following amendments to the design: ·to ensure exposure to the training content for longer periods of time, each treatment teacher was directly provided with a digital tablet. The pedagogical knowledge deficit of teachers was addressed through the development of videos that contained edited recordings of live training sessions involving a mathematics expert and a small group of teachers and DTEs.