District Stakeholders’ workshop (Nov 23rd 2015) Year 3

District Stakeholders’ Workshop in Hafizabad

District Stakeholders’ Workshop in Hafizabad

Support to the Transition to new LG System

SNG supported the Government of the Punjab in establishment and operationalisation of local governments in Punjab in terms of the provisions of Local Government Act, 2013. The support involves resolve the technical issues for operation of new accounts with State Bank of Pakistan / Commercial Banks for keeping and operation of Local Fund by the DEAS / DHAs respectively, indicated necessary amendment to be carried out in the Chart of Accounts to accommodate the new clarification codes, ; drafted financial / accounting rules for the local governments and supported the Local Government & Community Development Department for approval and implementation of rules / guidelines / instructions for local governments;; supported in resolving pension-related issues; The programme also provided the LG&CD Department with advisory support in design, implementation, and roll-out of IFMIS for local councils for producing individual / consolidated monthly as well as annual accounts / appropriation accounts, ultimately compatible with PIFRA accounts. Supported the Finance Department in drafting the law to establish Authority to conduct Internal Audit to strengthen the internal controls in of local governments.

Transition: The primary and secondary healthcare and primary and secondary education services were brought under the District Health Authorities (DHAs) and District Education Authorities (DEAs)

  • Beneficiaries: Nearly 0.5 million government servants direct benefitted andbenefitted and about 30 million and 20 million general public benefited from DEAs and DHAs respectively.
  • 36 District Health Authorities
  • 36 District Education Authorities


  • Provided technical support on transition to abolish 144 TMAs, 3465 Union Councils including 36 District Governments and reassemble 229 Local Councils under PLGA, 2013.
  • Due to above indicated support to Finance Department in number of areas ensured seamless transition to new local government system under PLGA, 2013. The Local Councils and Education / Health Authorities were put in place timely and have started to function without compromising service delivery.
  • Drafted 19 sets of rules which have now been approved / notified and are operative.
  • Based on the frequently asked questions (FAQs) prepared budget guidelines to guide PFM staff of DHAs in the implementation of planning and budgeting functions under the new arrangements. Guidelines were shared with all 36 districts/DHAs of Punjab through PHFMC (about 80,000 government servants’ direct beneficiaries).